I am a visual artist who has over four years in full-time experience in the industry. I live on the East Coast with my amazing husband that I met at a race track and we lead a joy-filled life with our people. It is through my own experiences with love and all the excitement that life has to offer that I draw most of my inspiration to capture your most special moments with your chosen people authentically against in the gorgeous landscapes that the the world has to offer. 

Behind the camera, I am a girl who values family + thrifting. I love time with my sweet husband, who I met by chance in Atlanta in 2019. I have probably seen twilight about a million and one times and if there's a dog close by, I will be making friend's with it. I am always down for coffee + buying new things for my home. 

As a child, the art of storytelling was put in my heart and I have never been able to put it down. Now, my storytelling talents are made tangible with photo and film. I've never felt more like an artist as the moment I know i've captured real emotion on someone's most special days. The heart of my art is to capture authentic emotion; nothing is ever faked or prompted over here. Every single image is like a document in the archive of your life, a way to go back in time to the moment it was captured - your legacy, if you will. 


I talk about this guy a lot because he is my very best friend in the entire world. We met in Atlanta in 2019 and we've been inseperable ever since. Without him, I could never ever do this job. He is the most loyal, amazing partner and just love him to pieces!

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some fun facts about me:

- I am a gluten-free queen!

- My life-long dream is to publish my own novel

- Thrifting is my favorite pasttime

- I met my cute husband at a racetrack in Atlanta



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